Is National Wealth Center A Scam? Legit Review

By , 16 October, 2014, 1 Comment

National-Wealth-Center-ReviewJust about everyone who uses the internet regularly is constantly bombarded with “make money online” schemes. Whether it’s by advertisements in the form of banners on websites, spam coming into their email or just invitations from friends and/or family to join a Multi-Level Marketing opportunity. You know, those where you have to refer others to make money.

For that reason, whenever I hear “make money from home” or similar lines I usually think scam. So many have fallen under the promises of push button profits that require minimal efforts. But after joining find out that promoting is a lot more difficult than what they anticipated and end up giving up, losing their enrolment costs.

I’m not saying all MLM opportunities are bad or fake. I just like to dig deeper and research them a bit before considering joining rather than getting exited from their promotional video. They really know how to generate motivation.

What did catch my attention about National Wealth Center is that earned commissions don’t go to the company. Only a $9.95 a month administrative fee. But all commissions are paid directly to the members instantly. It sounds confusing but it’s much simpler: When you want to upgrade to the next level, you pay your upline directly, not the company. And that person receives the commission instantly, because it’s a direct payment. There’s no waiting for the company to pay you.

I saw it as a way to assure no one gets scammed. And this instant cash flow also almost guarantees your success because you can immediately invest in promoting your online business.

I must say, it’s not a coincidence that National Wealth Center is spreading like wildfire on the internet. If you’d like to know more click here.

God bless!